Exposing prostitution forced female physician to resign

The first female head physician of a state hospital in the southeastern province of Siirt in Turkey said she had to resign because of the community pressure she experienced after exposing a prostitution scandal in the hospital, Habertürk newspaper reported on Wednesday.

“I felt terrible after I learnt that they were forcing students from Siirt University aged 18-22 who are in dire financial situation to prostitution using pressure, threats, and blackmail. I notified the police.  ‘Why did you expose this during Ramadan? This damaged Siirt’s image,’ they told me. I was criticized as if I was the person working as a prostitute,” physician Şeyda Kayhan told Habertürk.

Kayhan also added that she previously faced pressure after she started using the hospital’s own staff to run the physical therapy and rehabilitation department of the hospital, which had been run by a private firm. The decision saved TL 400-450 thousand per month but disturbed the interests of some people, Kayhan claimed