Former Israeli ambassador to Turkey appointed acting envoy to UAE

The former Israeli ambassador to Turkey, Eitan Na'eh, has been appointed acting envoy to Israel’s mission to the United Arab Emirates, according to the Times of Israel. 

“I feel overwhelmed with my arrival to the Emirates to open the Israeli embassy in Abu Dhabi,” tweeted Na’eh on Monday. “Together we build strong and broad-minded relations over the long-term period. 


The opening of the embassy has been a slow task, owing to COVID-19 restrictions on movement. In a statement, the UAE foreign ministry expressed hope that the embassy can open sooner once the situation improves. 

Ahead of his arrival, Na’Eh was quoted by the Jerusalem Post as being excited to undertake this new position with “clear instructions to expand the ties.” His appointment is expected to last three months before an ambassador can be appointed to Abu Dhabi.

The embassy announcement comes five months after the UAE and Israel announced their plans to normalise relations with the support of the United States. The two countries, alongside Bahrain, signed the Abraham Accords a month later in September.  Turkey criticised this move and considered pulling its ambassador from Abu Dhabi in response, but ultimately did not act on this threat.

Eitan Na’eh was Israel’s last appointed ambassador to Turkey before he was withdrawn in 2018 when both countries dropped their relations to the level of charges d'affaires. Turkey has insisted it is interested in improving relations with Israel, but this has not yet resulted in any return of ambassadors.