The Guardian publishes obituary for Turkey expert David Barchard

On Sunday, the Guardian published an obituary for Turkey expert David Barchard, who died in an accident at age 73 on Dec. 25.

Barchard is remembered as one of the United Kingdom’s leading experts on Turkey. A historian and journalist, Barchard was acknowledged for his on the ground reporting during the 1980 coup and his reports on leading Turkish political figures over the years. He was a known friend of former Prime Minister Turgut Özal and during his travels in Turkey, Barchard discovered the Byzantine city Sykeon which he wrote about in the Anatolian Studies journal. 

Beginning as a history student at Oxford Univerity, Barchard would join the BBC’s Turkish service under another British expert on Turkey, Andrew Mango. One of his position papers was later cited by U.K Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for which he received a thank you note that he cherished from the Iron Lady. 

The Turkish civil service hired Barchard as an adviser  in 1995 to Prime Minister Tansu Çiller. Following this, he left this role and became a lecturer at several Turkish universities.

He became a dual Turkey-U.K citizen in the 1990s after spending a significant amount of time inside the country. 

Rapprochment between Turkey and Europe was a lifelong cause Barchard was committed to until his death.