I am against education, sports, culture, and enlightenment says Turkish Islamist columnist

I am a person who opposes education, sports, culture, and enlightenment, said Islamist columnist Abdurrahman Dilipak in his column in pro-government daily Yeni Akit on Tuesday.

“Please, do not make my children complacent, educate them,” said Dilipak, who wrote that it is possible to educate and tame animals, but not people. 

The columnist said that education was the invention of what he called "the white man," who had established schools to teach others, such as Native Americans and Asians, to behave according to his own rules, based on his own needs and security concerns. 

The white man also imposed sports as a form of healthy living, among other cultural norms pertaining to well being, Dilipak said. 

Dilipak criticised those promoting education, sports, and culture for acting as through they are divine beings. “Otherwise we would be called abnormal and would be excluded. Or we would be labelled as monkeys that have not completed their evolution into human beings, as Darwin labelled us,” he said. 

The columnist said that education, sports, and culture were products of the enlightenment philosophy that dominated Western thinking after the 1789 French revolution. “In fact enlightenment is the name of the operation that aimed to sanctify and universalise Western politics, economics, theology, history, and looting,” he said.


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