Istanbul taxi drivers have launched a war against UBER

In Istanbul, on March 10, an UBER driver was attacked by armed man, while he was on his way to pick up a customer. The car was hit with four bullets. There is no casualty reported due to the fact that UBER taxi did not have any customers. One of the bullets hit an empty passenger seat. 

This happened right after last night, when a taxi driver stopped an UBER car with a knife at his hand in a flowing traffic while waiting at traffic lights. The video of this attack was posted on social media this morning. The video shows the attacker trying to stab the UBER car’s tires and the panic of passengers in the car clear with screams.

The driver of the UBER car, İrfan Er later explained the event and complained about attacks of taxi drivers, according to Cumhuriyet newspaper.

“We are tired of the terror of taxi drives. We got used to it, but they started harassing our costumers as well. Why does a taxi driver carry a knife? In the past, we thought of taxi drivers as respectful people. Most of the taxi drivers those days are drug addicts. Our safety of life and property is in danger. We want immediate help from the Istanbul police”.

In fact, the rage of Istanbul taxi drivers towards UBER drivers has become one of the trending topics in Turkey for the last couple of weeks. From personal accounts posted on social media, it seems obvious that assaults against UBER drivers and passengers are rapidly increasing.

For example, twitter user @callaliily described an example of those attacks:

“A brief summary of being a woman in Turkey, right after March 8 night march. As three women we took an UBER instead of a regular cab. And then the taxi driver drove on us at the traffic lights and the taxi driver said to our driver that this is not your fault but the fault of three whores who got on your car”.

Many in social media complain about the behavior of taxi drivers and react to the latest attacks. For example, 12 numara, which has nearly 2 million followers on Twitter and the official account of Fenerbahçe football team’s supporters today called all its followers to choose UBER over taxis.