At least 30 taken to hospitals over suspicions of anthrax in İstanbul

Dozens were taken to hospital over suspicions of anthrax in İstanbul, after anthrax was detected in Turkey’s capital of Ankara and eastern province Sivas among cattle imported from Brazil, Cumhuriyet newspaper reported on Saturday. 

Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Bekir Pakdemirli said that 22 people were taken to hospitals in İstanbul over suspicions of anthrax, adding that some of the patients have already been discharged, while 4 are still in hospital.

A farm in Silivri which sold the infected cattle for the feast of sacrifice has been quarantined and 3,500 cattle in the area have had emergency vaccinations to control an outbreak, Pakdemirli said.

A staffer of a hospital in İstanbul’s Bakırköy district told Cumhuriyet that 25 people have applied over suspicions of anthrax and only 2 have been discharged. 9 others were taken to another hospital after getting suspicious from the colour of the meat they were eating and are still in hospital, Cumhuriyet said.

Relatives of a family under quarantine told Cumhuriyet that the meat of the cattle they bought for the feast of sacrifice was buried inside the refrigerator. 

150 cattle died of anthrax in Ankara on Monday and 10 thousand cattle had emergency vaccinations. While the infected cattle in Ankara had been imported from Brazil, the cattle in İstanbul were bought from a local producer.

Turkey’s agriculture and livestock policy has come under criticism recently, as the meat production in the country has been steadily decreasing and Turkey has become dependant on cheap meat imported from other countries.