Only 50 percent of Greeks consider Turkey a ‘threat’ - survey

One in two Greeks see Turkey as a threat to the country’s territorial integrity according to a new poll, Greek Reporter site said.

A survey by the Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) - a non-profit research institute - showed that  the percentage of Greeks who see Turkey as a threat decreased from 52.5 in 2016, to 50.5 in 2018, despite recently fuelled tensions between Greece and Turkey over the Aegean Sea, Cyprus and two Greek soldiers being held in Turkey. 

While 50.5 percent of respondents to a survey consider neighboring Turkey a threat, only 4.5 percent see Germany and 2.5 percent the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as a threat to Greece.

Tensions between Turkey and Greece have peaked over the past few months, with top-level government officials exchanging insults and threats. 

The survey found that as compared to 2016, fewer Greeks appear to believe that they face a threat from a foreign country.