Prison investigates jailed journalist for map showing Turkey too small

The administration of a high-security prison in the eastern province of Van launched an investigation against jailed Kurdish journalist Nedim Türfent for a world map depicting Turkey as smaller than actual size, pro-Kurdish Mezopotamya News Agency reported on Tuesday.

The map was on the cover of a German grammar textbook that belonged to Türfent, who has been in jail since March 2016 for his reports on the intensified clashes between the Turkish army and Kurdish insurgents that took place in cities and towns in southeast Turkey.

The book was found in Türfent’s prison cell in September by prison staff during a routine search. The prison officials asked the administration to impose a disciplinary punishment on the journalist, saying Turkey on the map was smaller than it should be.

Türfent was asked to submit a defense to the prison administration and he said he used the book to improve his German.

The officials in charge of the disciplinary investigation also traced the publishing house that printed the book and concluded that the size of Turkey could be smaller mistakenly, as the map at the back cover was drawn in a small scale.

The disciplinary committee decided Türfent did not engage in a criminal act by keeping the book and ruled against any disciplinary punishment.