Pro-government commentator discovers a conspiracy against Turkey in Netflix’s trailer

Ömer Turan, a commentator of pro-government Akit TV claimed on Saturday that the Netflix’s trailer for television series La Casa De Papel contained subliminal messages for president Erdoğan’s opponents in Turkey.

“A trailer for Turkey was prepared for the world famous series La Casa De Papel. In the trailer men and women in red jumpsuits cross symbolic places in Istanbul with the song ‘bella ciao’ and head to their meeting point Kadıköy,” wrote Ömer Turan on twitter.

“You may find normal that those people are meeting in Kadıköy, the symbol of opposition against Erdoğan but I don’t think that it is normal,” he said in a following tweet.

“The trailer contains subliminal messages from the beginning to the end,” he added. “For example, the scene on the 37th second. There are young militants in red jumpsuits holding weapons while the subtitles say ‘let them think you are backed into a corner’. Here they want to give the message that we are not backed to a corner as you assume”.

Ömer Turan was also suspicious of the Royal Mint in the series. He said that this reminded him of Turkish bureaucracy declining to decrease interest rates, the central bank, and the appreciation of the dollar. 

“And they say Berlin is our father. This is not even subliminal, it is a clear and an international message,” Turan continued. 

Turkish twitter users tried to explain Turan that the television series, also know as Money Heist, is about a gang which are recruited to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and print 2.4 billion euros and that Berlin was the nickname of one of the gang members played by Pedro Alonso.