Jun 10 2018

Pro-govt daily proud with Erdoğan being described an autocrat

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is among four leaders that are going to save the world according to German weekly Der Spiegel, Turkish pro-government daily Takvim said on Sunday.

Der Spiegel on Saturday used the illustrations of Erdoğan, along with the U.S. president Donald Trump, Russian president Vladimir Putin, and Chinese president Xi Jinping for its cover story “the age of the autocrats”. 

Der Spiegel cover page, June 9, 2018

President Erdogan, himself brought up the cover of the magazine and said proudly that himself chosen one of the shapers of the future.

Takvim newspaper said that Der Spiegel cited Erdoğan as one the world’s top leaders instead of German chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Germany has become besotted with terror. It has put away our 100-year old friendship. It opposed Turkish leader to meet our citizens abroad. It banned his rallies. But it could not stop the will of the people,” Takvim said.

Takvim, fron page, June 10, 2018