Turkey below world average in happiness survey at 59 pct

Turkey has registered a 30 percentage point decrease in happiness over the last decade, according to the 2020 Global Happiness survey published by Ipsos polling.

The percentage of people in Turkey who say they are happy slid to 59 percent in 2020 from 89 percent in 2011, according to the survey.

Turkey’s latest numbers bring the country below the global average for happiness of 63 percent, but the country saw a slight increase since 2019, from 53 percent, in those who said they were happy.

Thirteen percent of those surveyed said they are very happy, while 46 percent said that they are rather happy, while 31 percent said they are not very happy.

Meanwhile, 10 percent of participants from Turkey said they were not happy at all. 

Participants said that “recognition as a successful person” and “feeling in control” of their lives were the main indicators of their happiness.

China topped Ipsos’ 2020 happiness survey at 93 percent, followed by the Netherlands with 87 percent and Saudi Arabia with 80 percent.

Meanwhile, Peru, Chile, Spain, Argentina, Hungary, and Mexico scored lowest in the survey, ranging from 46 to 32 percent.


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