‘Turkey saved its skin from the West’ - Erdoğan’s son

Bilal Erdoğan, the son of Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Friday in İzmit told that Turkey did not need anymore to shape its future according to the West, reported Birgün newspaper.

Bilal Erdoğan talked about Turkey’s military campaigns against Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) both inside and outside Turkey and said that Turkey acted nowadays by recognising offence as the best form of defence. 

“When we do that, we do not care who said this, who said that, the ambassador of some country said this, or the foreign minister of some country said that. We say as Turkey we do and we need to do what is best for our defence,” said Erdoğan.

“Turkey is a strong country, Turkey is a country that pretends to shape the future with its young population, dynamic population. Believe that, if Muslims are going to leave their mark on the 21st century, Turkey should assume the leadership,”he added. 

According to Bilal Erdoğan Turkey now shapes its future in consonance with its culture, values and beliefs. “We no more need to be the buttress of the West, we saved ourselves from the need to colour ourselves with their colours, to shape our future according to their words. As the phrase goes, we saved our skin,” said Erdoğan.