Turkey wins European gymnastics championship gold medal

Turkey won gold at the 36th European Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Kyiv (UKR).

European Gymnastics reported that “the final with 3 hoops and 2 pairs of clubs was nail-biting until the very end. Turkey and Ukraine both scored 31.150, with the same difficulty and execution score. In this case, the technical deductions determine the final ranking, bumping Ukraine into second. The first ever medal for Turkey, and it is gold immediately.”

Turkey 🇹🇷 is the 2020 European Champion with 3 hoops and 2 pairs of clubs! pic.twitter.com/cl5jTZ2NYA

— European Gymnastics (@UEGymnastics) November 28, 2020

The Turkish team performed their 3 hoops and 2 clubs routine to a rock music soundtrack, impressing the judges with their skillful performance.

After Turkey and Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Israel came 3rd and 4th in the event. Despite having the same points total as Ukraine, “they were awarded the gold medal on the second tie-breaking criteria of having fewer execution technical score deductions than the Ukrainians,” Olympic channel said

Turkey’s win is their first ever medal at the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships.

The European Gymnastics Championship is scheduled to be held in Turkey in December. However, the games could not escape the current political tensions between Turkey and Europe, with France saying it would not attend due to the ongoing diplomatic disagreements between the two countries.

"Current diplomatic tensions mean that our team's safety cannot be guaranteed,'' said France’s head coach Kevin Rabaud.

The championship was supposed to take place in May, but was rescheduled to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, in December. It was then rescheduled from Baku to Mersin, Turkey, following the start of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.