Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate earns $42,000 from interest

According to a report by Turkey’s Court of Accounts, in 2017 the state Directorate of Religious Affairs earned 256,806 lira ($42,000) from interest, which it says is forbidden in Islam, Sözcü newspaper said on Thursday. 

The directorate’s total revenue last year was 514 million lira ($84 million). The figures show that the share of interest in the directorate’s total revenue has increased over the years. 

“Interest ignores rightful shares of the believers, opens the way for deceiving people. When someone thinks he is earning in fact he makes losses and interest brings disaster to societies, by eroding trust,” Ali Erbaş, the head of the directorate said in June. 

“Many bankruptcies, suicides, breaking marriages, wasted lives are a result of interest,” he said.