Apr 15 2018

Turkish construction mogul is suspected of fleeing the country

Serdar İnan, the owner of the İnanlar Construction, is suspected of fleeing the country and moving to Canada or Australia, Hürriyet columnist Jale Özgentürk wrote today.

İnanlar Construction, a 50-year-old company, has also investments in insurance and automotive industries. Jale Özgentürk noted that some of İnan’s employees’ and customers’ reactions on social media proved that they could not manage to reach the businessman.

As an example, in a tweet on Friday, a twitter user said that Serdar İnan vanished without trace after dismissing his employees without compensation.

Özgentürk noted that the information she received indicated that creditor banks also took action after the allegations about Serdar İnan’s flight surfaced. 

Serdar İnan was detained in August 2016 as a part of the investigation on the financial wing of the Gülen Movement,  a religious group accused by the Turkish government of orchestrating the failed coup attempt on Jul. 25, 2016.