Turkish Court of Accounts finds unjustified budget transfers of 3.7 billion lira

The Turkish Court of Accounts has found public institutions allocated 3.7 billion lira ($599 million) to non-profit institutions in 2017 without sufficient explanation of the reasons, the Cumhuriyet newspaper reported on Friday.

The court said in a report that activities carried out via those transfers by the related foundations, associations, and other similar institutions were not made clear, despite the court’s criticism of similar irregularities in previous reports. The court also warned that such allocations could harm the principles of accountability and financial transparency.

“The review showed that financial aid made to unions and institutions from 151 public bodies have not been cited in those bodies’ annual activity reports,” the court said.

The court found that 10 central administration bodies, 39 state universities, six institutions with specific budgets, 88 municipalities, and eight local administration bodies had made such transfers to non-profit organisations. 

Some 9.5 million lira ($1.5 million) was transferred to non-profit institutions by the presidency and the prime ministry, while transfers made in 2017 from the ministries were calculated to be more than 2 billion lira ($326 million).