Turkish gov't considers selling out public recreational facilities

Turkish Minister of Finance Naci Ağbal stated that the government is considering to sell recreational facilities of the public institutions, Patrolan Dünyası reported.

Ağbal responded to the written inquiry of parliamentarian Ömer Fethi Güner from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) regarding the number and the situation of recreational facilities of the public institutions, such as holiday villages, thermal facilities, recreational camps, and guesthouses.

In his written response, Ağbal said that the government was reviewing the situation of those recreational facilities according to Law no. 4706 which regulates the sale of real estates belonging to public institutions, excluding those belonging to local governments.

Gürer protested the decision, saying that the government’s job was not to sell those facilities, but to ensure that all citizens and public servants benefit from them in a proper way. According to Gürer, this was another move of the Turkish government to sell out the public assets, after the controversial decision to privatise 14 sugar factories in Turkey early this year.