Turkish police raids activist and journalist Nurcan Baysal’s home in Diyarbakır

Turkish police on Saturday morning have raided journalist and civil society activist Nurcan Baysal’s apartment in the south-eastern province of Diyarbakır over an investigation into her social media posts criticising Turkey’s military offensive in northern Syria.

“Some 30 to 40 policemen with guns went to my home around 5 a.m. because of my posts on social media, and ransacked it during the search,” said Baysal, who is also a contributor of Ahval. “I am at the moment not in Turkey and that’s why I have not been detained. But I will file a complaint the moment I return against those who put my two children through all this,” she said. 

Turkish security forces have launched a crackdown against those criticising Turkey’s military incursion into Syria since it was launched on Oct. 9. The number of people that have been detained over their social media posts reached 200 as of Thursday, left-wing Evrensel newspaper reported.