Jun 07 2018

Turks think no country is their friend - poll

Most people in Turkey think their country is surrounded by enemies and believe politicians who tell them of conspiracies against Turkey by external powers, according to polling by Varyans Research, Cumhuriyet reported

The opinion poll, which comes as Turkey heads towards presidential and parliamentary elections on June 24, was conducted among 4,200 people in 25 provinces in Turkey late last month. The results show that 87.6 percent think the United States is not Turkey’s friend, while 82.2 percent think the same way about the European Union, and 73.8 percent of the Turks do not see NATO as Turkey’s friend.

Compared to Turkey’s allies in the West, perceptions about Russia and Iran are somewhat more positive. The poll showed 67.1 percent do not think Russia is Turkey’s friend and 64.4 percent do not see Iran as Turkey’s friend. 

According to the same study, the economy was most often cited as the most important problem facing the country, with 32.5 percent seeing it as the biggest issue, followed by unemployment at 15.6 percent, education at 7 percent and justice at 5.5 percent.