Young people in Turkey greatest supporters of free speech in the world - survey

Young people in Turkey are the greatest supporters of free speech according to a survey conducted by Varkey Foundation, a global charity supporting teaching capacity, Euronews reported on Friday. 

Twenty-thousand 20,000 young people born between 1995 and 2001 participated in the “Generation Z: Global Citizenship Survey” of the foundation.

The study shows that support for free speech among Turkey’s generation Z is higher than any country. Seventy-eight percent of the Turkish youth supports free speech even when offensive to a religion, while 76 percent is in favour of free speech when offensive to a minority group.

Turkish, French, and Italian young people are the ones most pessimistic about the future of the world. More than half of the young people in Turkey think the world is becoming a worse place to live. Extremism and the rise of global terrorism are the largest causes of the fear for the future among Turkish young people with 88 percent. 

Turkey is the only country where a higher proportion of young people think that their government have already been doing too much to solve the global refugee crisis. Turkey is also among the few countries young people support tougher policies against immigrants. Fifty-four percent of the young people say the government should make it more difficult for migrants to live and work in Turkey.