Turkish diplomacy has failed under Erdoğan-columnist

The correct foreign policy principle for Turkey was the 200-year-old Western policy and the Sino-Russian bloc cannot be an option for Ankara, columnist Taha Akyol said on Monday.

“There is no other way than returning to the previous diplomacy without getting caught in the winds of conjuncture, ideology and emotions,” Akyol said in Karar newspaper.

Receiving 50 percent of the vote in June 2011 elections created a tremendous explosion of self-confidence in Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and the first steps of authoritarianism in domestic politics followed thereafter, Akyol said.

It was also in 2011 that expectations, which emerged by the Arab Spring, prompted a shift in Ankara’s foreign policy direction, the columnist said.

Backing for the governing AKP is at an all time low at the moment, with the party polling at around 30-32 percent, according to pollster Avrasya.

“Today, at the point reached as a result of these policies, we cannot attract external funds. We are alone in diplomacy. Even Palestine is not siding with us in the eastern Mediterranean,” Akyol said.




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