Nigeria threatens to suspend Turkish Airlines flights citing baggage delays

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has threatened to suspend Turkish Airlines from operating into the country citing consistent baggage delays, which have posed problems for weeks.

The suspension will take effect on Dec. 16 and remain until the airline operates with the right aircraft size and bring passengers into the country together with their checked-in baggage, Yeni Çağ newspaper reported on Saturday.

“Our Airport Authority has been facing serious crises controlling passengers at the airport whenever they arrive without their baggage,” the NCAA said in a statement by acting Director General, Captain Abdullahi Sidi.

The authority had been forced “to direct Turkish Airline to suspend its operations into Nigeria until such a time when the airline is ready to operate with the right size of aircraft that can transport all passengers with their baggage at the same time,” it said. 

The NCAA noted that meetings held with Turkish Airlines personnel had failed to yield any solution to the problem. 

Turkish Airlines operates three flights to three destinations in Nigeria – Abuja and Lagos, once daily, and Port Harcourt, 3 times weekly.