Mar 13 2018

Crashed private jet co-pilot victim of Gülenist plot - Cumhuriyet

A co-pilot killed in a private jet crash in Iran had been serving in the Turkish military before being forced out as part of a Gülenist plot, opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet said.

Melike Kuvvet had been a captain in the Turkish armed forces when she was forced out in 2013, and would likely have been returned to the air force in May in accordance with a constitutional court decision had she survived, the paper said.

All those on board the jet – which had been sent to Dubai for the bachelorette party of Mina Başaran, the daughter of a Turkish business magnate – were killed in the crash.

After Kuvvet lost her job in the military, she still owed 200,000TL to the air force for her pilot training, and became suicidal and unable to pay the rent, a former colleague told the paper, but she had been gradually rebuilding her life.