Turkey’s new aircraft carrier will transform its navy - Forbes

Turkey’s new light aircraft carrier, TCG Anadolu, is set to become operational this year and will transform the country’s naval power, Forbes said.

The carrier has a large helicopter landing deck and un-crewed combat air vehicle capacity, as well as amphibious capabilities, which will boost the ability of Turkey’s military to conduct overseas operations. Turkey is currently involved in military operations in Libya and Syria.

The Anadolu is currently being fitted out at Istanbul’s Sedef shipyard and is expected to be commissioned into the Turkish navy this year, earlier than originally planned.

Around 14 helicopters can be carried in total although the number may vary depending on operational needs, Forbes said.

Anadolu is expected to be equipped with the Turkish-built T129 ATAK helicopter gunships and S-70 Seahawk anti-submarine helicopters, as well as heavy lift helicopters. 

The carrier will join locally-built MILGEM frigates, Type-214 AIP submarines, and a new class of indigenous attack submarine known as MILDEN. A second assault carrier, TCG Trakya, is also planned, Forbes said.