Turkey to turn cave where Kurdish singer Tatlıses was born in to museum

A local municipality in Turkey’s south-eastern province of Şanlıurfa is set to restore and turn into museum a cave in which the country’s most famous singer, İbrahim Tatlıses, was born.

The municipality of Haliliye made the announcement during a visit by the famed 67-year-old Kurdish singer-turned-businessman, who often cites his birth in the cave in question while narrating his inspirational rags to riches life story.

"I am proud to have been born in a cave. My mother gave birth to me there because she had nothing. I was the child of a poor family, however, God has granted me success,’’ independent news site T24 quoted Tatlıses as saying.

Tatlıses said he was happy about the initiative and called for increased tourism projects in his home province of Şanlıurfa.

Dubbed “The Emperor”, the singer pioneered Turkey's genre of Arabesk music and catapulted to fame in the country and across the Middle East in the 1980s.

A well-known businessman with interests in the Kurdish areas of northern Iraq, Tatlıses has recorded more than 30 albums, acted in numerous films and hosted a TV show.

Tatlıses was seriously wounded when he was shot in the head in 2011, effectively leading to the end of his musical career.