May 08 2018

'Erdoğan has laid the ground for one-man rule' - Marc Pierini

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has laid the foundations for the introduction of one-man rule right after snap presidential elections on June 24, and only Turkish voters can stop him, writes Marc Pierini for Carnegie Europe.

Erdoğan has set the ground for his ascension by carefully implementing specific measures, Pierini wrote.

Firstly, Erdoğan and his governing party have ensured that government officials will have more control over polling stations over party representatives. Fraud is now legally possible after legislation was abolished that required double-stamping of ballot papers by electoral boards, he said.

Furthermore, Erdoğan has extended the country’s state of emergency, in place since a failed military coup in July 2016, giving authority to governors to ban political rallies when necessary and to move polling stations at the last minute. The court have also jailed members of the pro-Kurdish Democratic People’s party or stripped them of their place in parliament, Pierini said.

And favourable sales of media groups to government allies have also taken place – most recently the Dogan Group has changed hands – tightening the government’s grip over the press.