Most Germans against Erdogan speech addressing Turkish community - survey

Most Germans are against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivering a speech to Germany’s Turkish community during upcoming trip to Germany this month, German Bild newspaper reported on Tuesday, citing a recent survey.

The survey, commissioned by Bild from the Insa polling company and conducted with 2042 participants, found that 65.8 percent of respondents are against Turkey’s strongman holding an event catering to the country’s large Turkish community, as compared to 14.5 percent of participants who said they are not opposed to the idea. A total of 19.8 percent of those asked had no answer to the question.

The Turkish president is preparing for an official to visit Berlin between Sept.27-29 on the invitation of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın has said Erdoğan may address a Turkish crowd in either Berlin or Cologne in Germany, which is home to over 3 million people of Turkish origin.

Tensions in the past have escalated between Turkey and Germany over campaign appearances by Turkish officials seeking to drum up support for Turkey’s 2017 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Erdoğan was denied permission to address members of Germany's Turkish community at a rally in 2017,  a move which Turkey’s strongman criticised as ‘’political suicide."