Bread price too high? Tell us and we'll stop it, Istanbul municipality says

Istanbul Municipality’s complaint desk replied on Friday to residents on social media complaining of bakeries and groceries selling bread at higher prices than set and asked them to send location information of those sellers.

In Istanbul, the bread prices set by the authorities range between one lira ($0.16) and 1.25 lira ($0.2).

However, many living in Istanbul have been sending messages to the complaint desk telling that in various parts of the city bread has been sold at higher prices. 

The prices of bread have become a controversial issue recently, as the Turkish Ministry of Trade rejected the bakeries’ request for price hikes in Ankara.

The owners of the bakeries state that the prices have to be increased as the prices of imported flour and wheat have jumped due to lira’s depreciation by almost 40 percent since the start of the year.

The authorities are closely following the price of bread, as it has an important weight on the overall inflation rate and significantly affects people’s purchasing power.