Jul 01 2018

Economist Acemoğlu has no idea about president Erdoğan’s rumoured offer

No one from the Turkish government has contacted Daron Acemoğlu, despite the rumours that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been considering to propose the world famous economist to take the reins of Turkey’s economy in his new cabinet, columnist Fatih Altaylı wrote in Habertürk newspaper on Sunday.

On Saturday, Nagehan Alçı, another columnist in the same newspaper wrote that, according to a credible source, Turkish-born American economist Daron Acemoğlu was among the names President Erdoğan planned to work together in his new government.

“Acemoğlu, who is one of the best economists in the world, may achieve a historical task with a vision to solve the structural problems of Turkish economy. Erdoğan, who has always been a leader that goes beyond the ordinary and surprises everyone, can propose Acemoğlu to lead the Turkish economy by handing him all powers necessary,” Alçı said.

Many on social media on Saturday said that it was impossible for Acemoğlu to accept such an offer, as there are striking differences between his and president Erdoğan’s views. 

“Those who claim that ‘Prof. Daron Acemoğlu may accept to be in charge of the economy’ either do not know Daron or Mr. Erdoğan. This is the link to the conference presentation of me and Daron about “freedoms and economic growth’, what will happen when Daron says “rights and freedoms first’,” lawyer Gönenç Gürkaynak said on Twitter.

Today Fatih Altaylı said that Acemoğlu had no idea about the alleged offer. “No one has contacted him, he received no information that he will recieve such an offer or some kind of offer,” Altaylı said. 

“Moreover, even if he receives such an offer, it is unlikely for Daron Acemoğlu to accept that,” Altaylı added.