Pro-government columnist asks for explanation for Turkey’s soaring inflation

As the inflation in Turkey jumped to almost 25 percent, pro-government columnist Kemal Öztürk asked for someone to explain the economic situation in a simple and clear way. 

The September inflation figures announced on Wednesday hit the Turks smack in the face, Öztürk said in the Yeni Şafak newspaper on Thursday. “Now we understood the situation,” he said. “Our minds became clear when we saw a double-digit inflation we have not seen for years.” 

But why inflation had climbed that much was still unclear, he said. “For God’s sake, can an economist explain the situation in a way we can understand, so that we can solve this issue?”

Those responsible of the Turkish economy list reasons such stockpiling, unfounded price increases and the appreciation of dollar, said Öztürk. 

“We are puzzled but our situation is clear: The price of everything on the street has increased, while the money we are spending has gone up. But our income is the same, but one-third of it has melted if you calculate its value in dollars,” Öztürk said. 

“Is there an economic war? Has all of this happened because of a pastor,” Öztürk asked referring to a diplomatic row between Turkey and United States over the almost two-year detention of an American pastor, Andrew Brunson. 

“Or do we have other problems? Whatever is happening, everybody is trying to understand it clearly,” he said. 

Öztürk said, if there was an economic war, he needed to know his responsibilities as a citizen of the country. 

“As much as I understand, I should increase my savings,” Öztürk said, adding that he would give up drinking tea outside. 

“But someone should explain the situation clearly in a language we can understand, so that we can comprehend it,” Öztürk said.