Apr 16 2018

Turkish industrial output growth slows again

Turkey’s industrial production growth slowed for a second month in February to an annual 9.9 percent, data from the Turkish Statistical Institute showed.

Growth eased from 12 percent in January, as an index including electricity and gas production rose 3.3 percent. Output in mining and quarrying climbed 11.2 percent and manufacturing production increased 10.4 percent, the institute said on Monday.

The expansion in production was the slowest since November, when it increased 9.7 percent. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is seeking to boost economic growth with the help of manufacturers and big construction projects as he seeks to match last year’s 7.3 percent rate ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections next year.

Month-on-month production dropped 0.2 percent, the agency said. Mining and quarrying decreased by 0.3 percent, manufacturing by 0.2 percent and electricity and gas by 1.1 percent 

Turkish industrial production