AKP to Good Party: ‘Sorry, next time’

Update: According to a list given by the Supreme Court of Appeals prosecutor's office to the High Election Council, Good Party (IP), led by Meral Aksener, is going to participate the early election, via Turkish press.

The ruling Justice and Development Party's (AKP) parliamentary group deputy chairman Mustafa Elitaş today accused the newly established right-wing rival the Good Party (İP) of being lazy and advised it to participate the elections to be held next time, news site Diken reported

The suspense in Turkey on whether İP, led by the former Interior Minister Meral Akşener would be eligible to participate the elections to be held on June 24 continues. 

A political party is qualified to run in the elections if it has at least 20 seats in the parliament or if it has completed establishing local governances in at least half of the 81 cities in Turkey and has held a congress six months before the elections. 

İP organised its congress on December 10, 2017. Party’s leader Akşener this week vowed to run for the presidential elections by collecting the 100,000 signatures necessary for nomination. 

Talking in Kayseri, Elitaş said that there were 96 political parties in Turkey and they should always be ready for elections.

“It is a recently established party. Sorry about that, but they should now get ready for the elections to be held next time,” said Elitaş about İP, while talking in Kayseri. 

“Should we lower the 6-month threshold or not? We do not make laws specific to some names or parties,” he added, noting that in fact İP has been organising for almost two years.

“This party called us to organise the elections, but they have been goofing off,” said Elitaş and accused İP for behaving like a victim, while it was the Party’s failure to hold a congress in the last two years and not organising in 41 of 81 cities.

The High Election Council is convened on Saturday to decide over the question. 

Conservative and mildly pro-AKP Karar daily's columnist, Islamist Hakan Albayrak also wrote a column to criticize the authorities who wanted to bar the IP from participating the election.