Erdoğan makes Turkish military backbone of his regional strategy- analyst

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will use his military forces to secure Turkey’s status in the new world order that is being reshaped, analyst James Dorsey wrote in an article he penned for Eurasiareview on Wednesday.

Erdoğan has compared Turkish military actions to the Ottoman war minister Enver Pasha’s creation of the Islamic army of the Caucasus during the World War One, Dorsey said.

President Erdoğan said that brother Azerbaijan welcomed Turkish armed forces with the same enthusiasm, just as it greeted the Islamic Army of Caucasus in 1918, with prayers and tears of joy, speaking to the Turkish and Azeri military personnel on the loudspeaker of Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar’s hand phone in Azerbaijani capital Baku, on Dec.30.


“The Islamic Army captured Baku in the last days of World War One but failed to cement a basis for military support in the century since for pan-Turkist or Turanist ideologies that seek to unite peoples of Turkic origin,” Dorsey stated, however, Erdoğan seems to settle Turkey’s place as a leadership of a broader Muslim world of which countries mainly populated by Turkic sub-culture, he said.

The Turkish president made his Baku statement against the efforts by Turkey’s UAE-backed Mediterranean critics to hinder Ankara’s exertions to enlarge its access to regional gas resources, Dorsey said.

The admission of the UAE as an observer to the Cairo-based Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum which is formed by Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Jordan, Israel and Palestine has been criticised by Ankara as an effort to dispose its economic rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, Dorsey added.

“The move by the UAE, one of Turkey’s foremost rivals in a struggle for dominant political and religious influence in a swath of land stretching from the Atlantic coast of Africa into Central Asia, potentially constitutes a change in Emirati strategy,” Dorsey said.

But the article added that the UAE’s efforts to create an Arab accord against Erdoğan’s ambitions have unravelled, as like Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has counted Turkey as a regional partner and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman preferred a mollifying wording with Erdoğan after their November discussion.

Pointing out that the UAE designated the Turkish-backed Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and showed support to French and Austrian crackdowns on Islamist and Turkish nationalist groups, Dorsey said Erdoğan’s strategy of “hard and soft power,” in contradiction to the UAE, is working.

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