Turkey looking to cut back on number of official state cars - Euronews

The Turkish government is looking to cut back on its 417 official state cars with chauffeurs, Euronews Turkish reported, comparing the number with 600 for France and over 3000 for Italy.

In November of last year, the Turkish presidency announced it had 268 vehicles in its inventory, and it would receive 38 new cars according to 2019 Presidential Budget, thereby raising the number of cars belonging to the presidency alone to 350.

When it comes to total number of the cars owned by the state, Turkey appears to be leading with 115,000 cars. The Italian state owns 29,195 and the French state 65,000 cars.

The move followed the declaration of a budget cut to handle the country's economic crisis in almost in every department of the state, except the presidency. 

However, Turkey is planning to cut back on it number of official state cars, Euronews said, noting that the country’s Treasury And Finance Ministry has started a project on the inventory of state officials’ vehicles.

Accordingly, the vehicles will be both downgraded and decreased in number, it said.  

Comparing Turkey’s official state car numbers with those of European countries, Euronews reported that Italy, home to 20 autonomous regions, has 3068 vehicles for government officials with chauffeurs; France 600; the UK only 90 and Belgium a total of 72.

France is another country looking to cut back on the number of official state cars with chauffeurs, Euronews said.