Erdoğan's advisers Bulut and Çevik to be taken off air, says journalist

Two of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s top advisers are set to lose their high-profile news analysis shows on Turkey’s state television channel TRT, Turkish business news site Patronlar Dünyası reported on Wednesday.

Yiğit Bulut and İlnur Çevik have both appeared regularly on television screens, featuring respectively on the “Deep Analysis” and “World Ecopolitics” TRT shows, as well as writing regularly for newspapers.

Turkish viewers, however, are set to see and hear a lot less frequently from Bulut and Çevik, according to information shared by Turkish journalist Ahmet Hakan.

Advisers of the president will no longer be allowed to host televisions programmes and write newspaper columns regularly, said Hakan.

Patronlar Dünyası reported that Erdoğan had come to the decision after disagreeing with several of his advisers’ statements and writings.

Bulut, a senior adviser to the president since 2013, had already achieved fame in Turkey as a journalist and editor-in-chief before his appointment by Erdoğan. He is best known internationally for his wild conspiracy theories, including the contention that foreign powers were plotting to assassinate Erdoğan by telekinesis.

Çevik has been a journalist in Turkey since the 1970s and has served as a journalist, columnist and editor-in-chief in various newspapers since then. He has also served as an adviser to several Turkish leaders before Erdoğan, including former prime ministers Süleyman Demirel and Necmettin Erbakan.