Jan 28 2019

Global survey finds three out of four Turks don’t trust media

Every three out of four people in Turkey say they do not trust the media with only 26 percent of Turks saying they have faith in news outlets, according a survey by global communications marketing firm Edelman.

Conducted in 26 counties with over 33,000 participants, the Edelman survey, which measures credibility of various institutions through a trust barometer, found that Turkey scored 20 points below the 47 percent average of all countries surveyed for trust in media, independent news site Diken said.

The survey found that of the countries surveyed, only Russians trust the media less than Turks.

Turkey’s trust in employers increased by 6 percent to 69 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year while trust in the charity sector dropped by 1 percent to reach 57 percent, the survey said.

Turks' trust in the government increased by 1 percent to hit 52 percent, according the Edelman survey, which found that their trust in the EU and and UN is below average.

Among those surveyed in Turkey, 40 and 41 percent said they trusted the EU and the UN 40 and 41, respectively, pointing to a seven and five point increase from 2017.

Only Russians and Japanese have less trust in the EU than Turks, according to the survey.

Turkey has been waiting for decades to join the 28-member bloc. The latest annual EU progress report on Turkey found the country to be regressing in several areas, ruling out any further progress in Turkey’s accession in the current situation.