Sep 14 2018

Hürriyet newspaper sacks two veteran columnists

Hürriyet newspaper, sold to a pro-government business group in March, has sacked veteran columnists Taha Akyol and Mehmet Yılmaz, T24 news site reported.

Akyol and Yılmaz join many other high-profile journalists who have lost their jobs since Hürriyet’s parent company, Doğan Media Group, was sold to the Demirören family, allies of the government. 

Akyol has written columns for a number of newspapers since 1977 and has worked at Hürriyet since 2011.

Yılmaz, who in the past co-founded Radikal, Posta and Fanatik newspapers, has also been sacked, after working 13 years as a columnist for  Hürriyet newspaper.