Jul 01 2018

'Turkish media didn't tip in favour of Erdoğan overnight' - Yavuz Baydar

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s re-election victory speech following last weeks’ elections, which spoke of "one nation, one flag, one state," should have also included ‘’one media,’’ to reflect the reality on the ground where approximately 90 percent of Turkish media remains in his control, journalists speaking to Al Jazeera’s Listening Post, said.

Pointing out that for every minute of state-run TRT television coverage given to the opposition, 10 was given to Erdoğan in the run up to the June 24 elections, Al Jazeera examines Turkish media’s performance before the polls, with Ahval editor-in-chief Yavuz Baydar pointing out that present asymmetry in favour of Erdogan did not occour overnight.

The Turkish president, who scored another decisive victory in the June 24 presidential and parliamentary elections, has overseen a restructuring of the country's media space with hundreds of journalists being jailed and hundreds of media outlets, accused of terrorism, being shut down, the experts said speaking to Al Jazeera said.

Turkey’s strongman is set to take up the sweeping new powers granted to him following last year’s presidential referendum as he now has a carte blanche to further silence dissent.