Turkey may teach students that Greek islands are theirs – Greek City Times

Turkey may start to teach students that Greek islands belong to them, the Greek City Times said, citing a tweet by Turkish Admiral Turgay Erdağ.

“It will be our greatest strength to create a national consciousness for the Blue Homeland,” Erdağ said in a tweet, referring to the “Mavi Vatan” doctrine that claims an extensive maritime jurisdiction in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

“Introducing this topic into educational programmes will sow the seeds of this consciousness. Let’s support the campaign launched by Admiral Mustafa Muzbei on this issue,” Erdağ said.

“It is the delusion of Turkey to control the maritime space and islands, including some like Rhodes and Lesvos, in the Eastern Aegean,” Paul Antonopoulous, writing in the Greek City Times, said.

“This is not even a conspiracy, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan even poses in front of maps showing Greek maritime space and islands ‘occupied by Turkey’,” Antonopoulous said.

Greece has been monitoring a large ongoing Turkish air and naval exercise dubbed Mavi Vatan taking place south of Crete and southeast of Rhodes, the Greek Reporter said on Thursday, citing defence sources in Athens.

The exercise reportedly began on Wednesday and is planned to conclude on May 3.

The Mavi Vatan doctrine was first laid out by Admiral Ramazan Cem Gürdeniz during a symposium at the Turkish Naval Forces Command Centre in 2006.

Gürdeniz’s ideas have been developed in a 528-page book, “Writings about Blue Homeland”, as well in a regular column in the left-wing ultranationalist Aydınlık newspaper. He also heads a research centre, the KU Maritime Forum, at the highly respected Koç University.