Feb 13 2019

Former Turkish PM Davutoğlu to form new party, says Fox TV official

Former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu is preparing to form a political party with those “by his side,'' Turkey's FOX television Ankara representative Sedat Bozkurt said on Wednesday.

The former Justice and Development Party (AKP) prime minister, who has also served as foreign minister under the ruling party will be joined by ex-AKP deputy Selçuk Özdağ, Bozkurt said during a television programme, citing a phone call with Davutoğlu. Bozkurt added that Davutoğlu was not remaining confined to political circles, but also reaching out different names aligned with his views.

The report on Davutoğlu arrives following his statements this week on his unease at the widespread pessimism in the country which prepares to the head to the polls for local elections on March 31. 

“It saddens me to see an extreme pessimism spreading across Turkey, in academic circles, among bureaucrats and in the general public,” Davutoğlu said on Tuesday.

Bozkurt said that the likes of former Finance Minister Ali Babacan and former President Abdullah Gül, who had also parted ways with the AKP, would not be on board with Davutoğlu’s party.

Asked by journalist Orhan Uğuroğlu whether he planned to form a new party during an academic conference this week, Davutoğlu refused to confirm or deny the rumours.

"Orhan, one day if I hold a press conference, you're welcome to ask whatever questions you like. But since this is (an academic conference) that is not related to your question, I'll disregard it," he said.

Davutoğlu, a former professor of political science and international relations, served as prime minister from August 2014 until May 2016, when he was forced out by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.