Jul 16 2018

Prominent Turkish Islamist editor-in-chief stripped of roles

İbrahim Karagül, the chief editor of Yeni Şafak, one of Turkey’s foremost pro-government Islamist daily newspapers, has found himself stripped of all his other roles by Albayrak Holdings, the company which owns the newspaper.

Karagül had been assigned as the head of a number of the company’s other media outlets, which include the television channel TVNET and journals Gerçek Hayat and Derin Ekonomi, but after the decision will retain his role only at Yeni Şafak.

Shortly after Karagül found his role downgraded, the holding company’s foreign news chief, Hilal Güven Özbey, and deputy news chief, Fatih Sadırlı, were also removed from their positions, signalling moves for a deep change in the publications’ direction.

Personnel changes are likely to follow soon in Yeni Şafak, Turkish news site Patronlar Dünyası reported.

Yeni Şafak is one of Turkey’s most widely read daily newspapers, with a circulation of over 100,000, and is known for its support for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, which increased after Karagül became the paper’s chief editor in 2013and sacked critical writers.

Under Karagül's leadership the newspaper was one of the most significant parts of Turkey's dominant pro-government media, and came to be seen by many as an important indicator of the government's line.

Albayrak Holding is one of Turkey’s largest business groups, with companies in the construction, manufacturing and tourism industries.