Turkish rapper detained over lyrics

Turkish rapper Şehinşah reported on his Twitter account that he had been detained by police on Friday over lyrics in one of his songs.

Ufuk Yıldırmaz, better known by his stage name Şehinşah, told his 270,000 Twitter followers that he had been taken in for questioning on Friday over the lyrics.

The rapper thanked the security officers for doing their best to process his case quickly so that he could make his concert in Bursa on Friday night.

Several rap artists have faced jail time since last year over accusations that their lyrics encouraged drug use.

Rap music made a deep political impact this month with the release of two protest songs that voiced rising discontent against aspects of the Justice and Development Party government’s rule.

The songs racked up millions of hits on YouTube within hours of their release on Sept. 6. Pro-government media said they were a “joint production” by outlawed organisations.