Turkish ultranationalists attack Kurdish rallies in Vienna

Turkish ultranationalists attacked two rallies by Kurdish groups in Vienna, Austria this week, Associated Press reported. 

Vienna police said stones, bottles and fireworks were thrown during confrontations on Thursday afternoon that continued for several hours. Three people were detained by police.

AP reported that police were also attacked, with two officers and a service dog injured. 

Journalist Jake Hanrahan said on Twitter on Friday that members of the Grey Wolves, the ultranationalist militant youth wing of Turkey’s far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), had been attacking Kurdish people and leftist Turks in Vienna for two nights in a row. "They come with knives and I've also seen footage of them setting a building alight," he said.

On Wednesday, Kurdish groups had protested against Turkey's recent offensive against Kurdish groups, AP said. 

An alleged Turkish drone strike reportedly killed three women earlier this week in the Syrian village of Helenj, near the town of Kobani.

Vienna police said further rallies are planned for the coming days and “several hundred officers will actively, decisively and resolutely act against disruptions and provocations by extremist groups."