Social media campaign calls on Turkey to go alcohol-free in protest of price hikes


A hashtag calling on Turkey to boycott alcohol consumption in light of price hikes following the June presidential and parliamentary elections has taken Twitter by storm.

Utilizing the hashtag #AlkoldeTüketimBoykotu (boycott alcohol consumption), the campaign is calling for the nation to go alcohol-free in response to increased taxing of alcoholic beverages.

The Turkish government added an additional 15.5 percent special consumption tax to alcoholic beverages earlier this month. 

Turkey had previously announced it would be applying a tariff ranging between 5-70 percent on 22 different goods from the United States, including alcohol, in response to a recent move by the U.S. to implement high tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

‘’I think it’s a great idea. And we’ll be giving our livers as break, too,’’ one Twitter user said.

‘’I swear that within the week pro-government media will feature television shows on the benefits of alcohol,’’ another used wrote.

 Stiff alcohol taxes implemented by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in recent years have led to criticism of the party’s Islamist agenda as well as catapulting prices for beer and the country’s popular anise-flavored brandy called raki.