Son of Palestinian found hanged in Turkish prison calls for investigation - Arabiya

(Releads with dead man’s son calling for an investigation)

The son of a Palestinian man found hanging in a cell in Turkey where he was held accused of spying for the United Arab Emirates has called for an international investigation into his father’s death, Al Arabiya television said on Monday.

Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency  quoted a statement from Istanbul prosecutors as saying the man it named as Zaki Y. M. Hasan was found hanged from the bathroom door of his cell at Silivri prison when guards came to distribute food on Sunday morning.

He was one of two men Turkish authorities arrested on April 15 and accused of spying for the UAE. Turkish officials said they had confessed to spying on Arab nationals in Turkey. Turkish media said one of the men was suspected of having connections to the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed by Saudi agents in the kingdom’s Istanbul consulate in October.

The Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television channel quoted the son of the dead man it named as Zaki Mubarak as calling for a full investigation into the death of his father, who it said was a political science professor.

“I call for a medical committee consisting of an honest Palestinian doctor to examine the body of my father and come out with the truth,” Al Arabiya quoted the son as saying on Monday.

“My father travelled to Turkey looking for a better life and build a future, and were surprised that he was detained … and were especially shocked by the false accusations against him,” the son, Youssef, said.

“We contacted my father’s attorney and he told us the trial would start on Tuesday and that he would be released on bail. My father was certain he would leave prison, why would he commit suicide?” Youssef asked. “It is impossible for us to believe … that he committed suicide.”