UAE FM calls for Arab alliance against Turkey

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash has called for a “strengthened Arab union” to prevent the Arab world from being dominated by Iran and Turkey, moderate Turkish Islamist Karar newspaper said.

“The Arab world has entered a blind alley and the solution is cooperation against the ambitions for the region from those around it,” Gargash tweeted.

“Sectarian and partisan approaches are not acceptable alternatives. The Arab world will not be governed from Tehran and Ankara.”

Turkey and Iran have been helping Qatar to minimise the ill effects of a sanctions regime placed on the Gulf nation by a number of Arab and African countries including the UAE.

Turkey and the UAE recently had a diplomatic row after the UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan shared a tweet criticizing the historical ties between the Ottoman Empire and Arab nations. Turkey was quick to respond.

The solution to the problems of the region, Gargash said, was Arab unity.

“The geostrategic competition in the region has necessitated a strengthened Arab union centred around Cairo and Riyadh,” he said.


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