Turkish police begin fining Uber users

Following an announcement by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at a rally last week that he had “finished Uber”, the Turkish police have begun fining both drivers and passengers caught using the ride-sharing platform.

Lawyer Sima Baktaş was among the passengers caught, saying she was fined 300 liras ($65) for using the service, while her driver was fined 5,000 liras. However, Uber will reimburse both parties in cases in which they are caught.

“Just now both my driver and I were fined because I used an Uber!” Baktaş tweeted.

“Look at this disgrace carried out in order to get votes from taxi drivers! You can win taxi drivers’ votes, but never ours! I am going to continue stubbornly using Uber and I will open a case over this fine.”

She added that she had previously opened cases against three different taxi drivers for harassment, but the court had released them all.