British Foreign Office minister and friend to Turkey resigns

The British Foreign Office minister, the first European politician to pay a solidarity visit to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after the 2016 failed coup, resigned on Monday. 

“I resigned as Foreign Office minister this morning,” Alan Duncan, who remains a member of British parliament, tweeted early Monday, sharing his letter to Prime Minister Theresa May, who is set to leave office on Wednesday. 

“I was pleased to build a strong relationship with Turkey in the immediate aftermath of the coup attempt,” Duncan wrote in his letter. “It was disappointing that our efforts to secure an agreement on the future of Cyprus failed.” 

Duncan, who was looking after Europe, Turkey, the Americas, and Russia, had served as a senior minister under May since July 2016.

He has made clear his unwillingness to work with the expected incoming prime minister, Boris Johnson. Duncan once described himself as a “pooper scooper” at the Foreign Office, cleaning up the mess created by his boss, then-Foreign Secretary Johnson, according to Sky News.

In a 2016 poem that was part of a competition, Johnson described Turkey’s president having sex with a goat and called him a “wankerer”. Johnson’s great-grandfather was Turkish and served as interior minister in the last days of the Ottoman Empire.