Turkish man puts kidney on sale to provide for daughters

An unemployed Turkish man has been posting signs at Istanbul bus stops offering his kidney for sale in order to take care of his teenage daughters, secularist Sözcü newspaper reported on Thursday.

Yücel B. told Sözcü that he had been living in parks for three months and decided to put his kidney up for sale as his two daughters would soon be forced of a state orphanage, when they turned 18. 

The unemployed man said that he thought of committing suicide, but gave up the idea as his children needed protection.

“I went to an internet cafe and saw everybody selling their kidney via internet. I thought I can sell mine too so that I can rent a flat and put my life in order,” the 42-year old said. 

Yücel B. said some buyers approached him but he cancelled the deal over suspicions about the medical team. 

Turkey’s unemployment rate jumped to 14.7 percent in January, the highest level in almost a decade, while the economy fell into a recession late last year.