The U.N. must be reformed to be more democratic and multilateral - Erdoğan

The UN is in desperate need of reform as demonstrated by its’ Security Council’s failure to keep its promise of promoting peace and security around the world, wrote Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in an article he penned for Foreign Policy Magazine.

The Turkish president’s piece coincides with a gathering of leaders from all over the world at the United Nations in New York, where Erdoğan spoke on Tuesday, accusing the Security Council of “standing idle” amid the “massacre” of Palestinians, a cause he has called the Islamic world to unite against.

‘’From Bosnia and Rwanda to Syria, Yemen, and Palestine, the U.N.’s top decision-making body has neither prevented atrocities nor brought to justice those responsible for heinous crimes. On the U.N.’s watch, authoritarian regimes around the world have used conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction against innocent civilians. Some regimes have even carried out genocide without facing consequences,’’ Erdoğan said in his scathing analysis of the organisation.

If the great powers are unwilling to assume responsibility, the Turkish president noted, and if some U.N.’s architects, such as the United States, continue to damage multilateralism by taking unilateralist steps, ‘’it will be time to redefine global leadership.’’

Erdogan also reminded in the piece that Turkey is a global leader now, "Although Turkey is no military or economic superpower, it has emerged as a global leader by becoming part of the solution in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere."

The Turkish president highlighted the need to end the monopoly of a small number of nations, promoting the collective leadership of countries instead.

Erdoğan urged the community of nations to abolish the practice of permanent membership in the U.N. Security Council while increasing the number of its members to 20 and adopting new rules which allow all nations to sitting on the committee.